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Thread: Floridians All Fired Up For Legal Medical Marijuana

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    Re: Floridians All Fired Up For Legal Medical Marijuana

    With marijuana lagalized, not only could we bridge the gap to a more "green" and energy efficient society, we could further fight the drug wars on our southern borders and stem the flow of illegal immigration fleeing the violence from south of our borders.

    Marijuana legalization should be a national policy, but I'd prefer it if Texas capitalized on it first (but I'm not that greedy). By 2020, is what the bigheads in Congress stated legalization for marijuana would happen. We shall see.

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    Re: Floridians All Fired Up For Legal Medical Marijuana

    Quote Originally Posted by clownboy View Post
    Lying sacks or reduced memory.
    I dunno about this. I've known a lot of people older than I am that never have and am inclined to accept the 23% if it's mainly those who are over 70. You know, the people we didn't trust who were over 30 back in the day.

    Lotta straight-arrows and also hard-core boozers in their time. In my 30's I attended the mortgage-burning party of one of my mom's friends. I'm still amazed. In addition to the bar in the house, tables had been placed in the garage, and on them were those ginormous bottles of whiskey (gallon?). I've never seen anything like the way these people emptied them. And were still standing and having a great time. Pro-drinkers.

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