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Actually it's quite sad. The lefts unwillingness to even criticize their leaders for this lie is sickening. It was never criminal, but it was unethical and that is what we have is an unethical regime and the left in America would rather have that then an ounce of integrity.
Actually, you misinterpret my response. As a Navy veteran, I'm just as upset over the lose of American lives as anyone else. I'm just not getting all bent out of shape over "I wanted to control the narrative to show as President I was being tough on terrorism" as opposed to "I knew of the pending attacks and did nothing to stop it".

That's why you don't see Democrats going all nuts over this issue. They know that: 1) there were at least 13 separate attacks on U.S. Embassies/Consulates under GBW that resulted in larger numbers in lose of American lives; and 2) the continued hearings over Benghazi has more to do about political image (damaging the Presidents/SoS (Hillary Clinton ahead of 2016) while protecting their (Republican) own) when the real issue should be "how do we fix the problems that resulting in a slow/non-response?"