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I didnt say anything about force.

I was giving you the facts on how vaccination and epidemics work.

Since the more that dont get vaccinated open up lots more protected people to get infected, your first sentence doesnt really make sense. That grows exponentially. These days we usually catch and control the outbreaks thru the media....people then go out and do get vaccinated or take precautions...close daycares, dont go to playdays, etc.

But like I said, the more people a disease goes thru, the more chances it will change and become more dangerous.

Also, vaccination is not a miracle cure. None are 100% effective. The vaccinated can get sick.
I think we are entering a new dark age. I was around before there was polio vaccine. My mother wouldn't let me go to the swimming pool in the summer because it was believed that you could catch polio in the swimming pool. The son of one of her friends contracted polio and they thought it was because he used to sit in front of the air conditioner. They were one of the few families that had one.