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Thread: Central American migrants are on a word-of-mouth exodus to the U.S.

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    Re: Central American migrants are on a word-of-mouth exodus to the U.S.

    Quote Originally Posted by Visbek View Post
    Erm... English translation please?

    And here's the US code. Scroll down to (e)(4). 8 U.S. Code 1324a - Unlawful employment of aliens | LII / Legal Information Institute

    Good luck with demanding better enforcement.

    OK, and...? Have you not noticed that I'm OK with immigration, and want more legal options?
    Sorry Visbek, you did NOT excerpt because you could NOT meet my requirements for the wide numbers and specific and/or penalties.
    Your link has a ton of exceptions/classes and Otherwise and obviously, we wouldn't have a problem.

    In FACT/Further

    Civil Rights Divison Office of Special Counsel Best Practices for Online Job Postings

    Quote Originally Posted by USA DOJ
    Best Practices for Online Job Postings

    The Immigration and Nationality Act prohibits citizenship status and national origin discrimination with respect to hiring, termination, and recruiting or referring for a fee.8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(1)(B).

    Employers may Not treat individuals differently because they are, or are not, U.S. citizens or work authorized individuals.
    U.S. citizens, asylees, refugees, recent permanent residents and temporary residents are protected from citizenship status discrimination. Employers may not reject valid employment eligibility documents or require more or different documents on the basis of a person’s national origin or Citizenship Status.
    DOs for Employers and Recruiters

    Do treat Equally U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, temporary residents, asylees, and refugees in recruitment or hiring.

    Do embrace equal employment practices, including: refraining from discriminating on the basis of national origin; and/or immigration and Citizenship Status.

    Do Avoid making the assumption that only U.S. citizens are authorized to work in the United States.

    Do Avoid the following language in job postings:

    "Only U.S. Citizens"
    "Citizenship requirement"*
    "Only U.S. Citizens or Green Card Holders"
    "H-1Bs Only"
    "Must have a U.S. Passport"
    "Must have a green card"
    *UNLESS U.S. citizenship is required by law, regulation, executive order, or government contract.
    Do allow all employees (including non-U.S. citizens) to provide any permissible documents to establish their identity or work authorization during the employment verification process.

    Do recognize that refugees and those newly granted asylum who have not yet received a Social Security number may not be fully able to complete on-line applications even though they are authorized to work in the U.S. indefinitely, and avoid creating unnecessary hurdles for such individuals.

    For further information on immigration-related employment discrimination, contact OSC at 1-800-255-8155 (Employer Hotline) or at (202) 616-5594 (main line).
    In fact, they must "avoid" precisely the kind of language we need to stop the problem!

    And you didn't even attempt to answer this part, you Dishonestly truncated it.
    Quote Originally Posted by mbig to Vizbek, untouched/unquoted
    There are Holes in your goofy proposal already.
    ie, YOU allow them in, now you find them when they have No job, but their kids are in school, you rip em out, etc.
    Oh yeah that's a winner.

    and OOOPS...
    Your proposal would also require knowing their status/having an ID card.
    You're not in the Env/Climate section any more Dorothy.
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    I'm personally sick of not being able to dunk a basketball because of racism.

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    Re: Central American migrants are on a word-of-mouth exodus to the U.S.

    Quote Originally Posted by danarhea View Post
    Here's the deal. Suppose we don't allow immigration, and we tell all illegals they have to leave. Who is going to enforce that, and how? Will never happen. At least with immigration reform, we get people in the system paying taxes.

    Also, for those who say that immigrants vote for Democrats, whose fault is that? George Bush won the Hispanic vote in 2000 because he respected Hispanics, and showed respect. Hispanics today won't vote for a Republican, because Republicans have given an appearance that they hate Hispanics. Whose fault is that? Whether deserved or not, it is the GOP that squandered the good will Bush built up with Hispanics. No need for them to whine about it after the fact. The fault lies not in their stars, but in themselves.
    More fiction and strawmen. We DO allow immigration, probably always will. We already do tell all illegals they have to leave. Some of our politicians have decided to not walk that talk in opposition to law and the express will of the people. Immigration reform has become meaningless as a descriptor because of all this playing around with language. For instance, immigration reform could mean making immigration more restrictive. But it has been reframed to mean amnesty.

    No, I don't want them here paying taxes. Deport them and where possible use their resources to do so. Cut off all services to illegals - including education. The only thing they should be entitled to are emergency room visits, followed by deportation.

    Bush was an idiot on the issue. He sucked up for the same reason the dems do, the politics of paying off a voting block.

    Btw, no one is suggesting we have to deport them all at once you know. That's just the dodge response. If we discover you here illegally and don't have the budget to deport you immediately, fine. You'll never have citizenship or be here legally and now we know where you are for next year when we have more budget.
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