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Are you overlooking the obvious underlying indicators becase your'e politically motivated to do so ?

Or for some other reason ?

The demand in the US dollar is weakening even after the FED anounced it would cut back its bond buying malfeasance.

So if QE isnt artificially lowering the value of the dollar then what is ?

Could it be that investors realize that the underlying economic conditions are far worse than the Obama administration would like to you to believe ?

A devalued currency with large trade imbalance means one thing. That its the middle class consumer who will be affected the most...well the poor too and people on fixed incomes ofcourse

...within the last 12 months, the dollar index was well over 84; now it's under 81.

And historically, it is getting weaker and weaker:

It was 120 in 2001...the dollar's value is plummeting.

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