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Thread: General: We Should Have Tried in Benghazi

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    Re: General: We Should Have Tried in Benghazi

    I am getting sick of this story.

    I am neither a rep nor a dem, but this is clearly little more then Rep politicalizing.

    Over 1,000 times more Americans were killed in Iraq...but no, the Reps don't want to talk about that since it was their PATHETIC POTUS that started that mess.
    But 4 people are killed in Libya thanks to the Dem's PATHETIC POTUS's policies there and they freak out.

    So, the Obama WH was trying to spin the event in their favor by coaching what's-her-name before she went on TV?
    Well DUH...are you Rep's really so staggeringly naive to believe that had the same happened under a Rep WH that they would not have done EXACTLY the same thing?

    The Benghazi deaths were a terrible tragedy...but they were less then 1,000th the tragedy that Iraq was.
    But the way the Reps were going on about it, you would think Iraq was just unfortunate but Benghazi was horrific.

    Partisan politics makes me sick.
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