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Thread: CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

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    CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

    A report by the Senate Intelligence Committee concludes that the CIA misled the government and the public about aspects of its brutal interrogation program for years — concealing details about the severity of its methods, overstating the significance of plots and prisoners, and taking credit for critical pieces of intelligence that detainees had in fact surrendered before they were subjected to harsh techniques.
    The report, built around detailed chronologies of dozens of CIA detainees, documents a long-standing pattern of unsubstantiated claims as agency officials sought permission to use — and later tried to defend — excruciating interrogation methods that yielded little, if any, significant intelligence, according to U.S. officials who have reviewed the document.

    “The CIA described [its program] repeatedly both to the Department of Justice and eventually to Congress as getting unique, otherwise unobtainable intelligence that helped disrupt terrorist plots and save thousands of lives,” said one U.S. official briefed on the report. “Was that actually true? The answer is no.”
    Current and former U.S. officials who described the report spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue and because the document remains classified. The 6,300-page report includes what officials described as damning new disclosures about a sprawling network of secret detention facilities, or “black sites,” that was dismantled by President Obama in 2009.

    Read more @: CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says - The Washington Post

    Do we really need any more reason not to trust intelligence agencies? Seriously? This is disgusting and pathetic. Especially when it comes from the country that supposedly "upholds human rights"..

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    Re: CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

    With everything that's going on right now, this'll just become a footnote that we will file under "par for the course" in U.S. history from 2000-2020. Why people can't see through the glamor and understand the utter brutality and evil our government is capable of is beyond me.

    Not only that, we're living in a time when the whistleblowers who speak the truth have to do so from anonymity in case they get blackbagged in the night. There was a time when the truth actually mattered. Now if you speak the truth you are disappeared or libeled into exile by the government.

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