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Thread: Deal on Ukraine elusive on Hill

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    Deal on Ukraine elusive on Hill

    Congress is set to head home for recess Thursday with no agreement on how to aid Ukraine and punish Russia for its incursion into the Crimean peninsula.

    A key Senate panel on Wednesday approved legislation that would provide aid to Ukraine while leveling sanctions against officials responsible for undermining the nation’s sovereignty. The bill is more comprehensive than the House’s Ukraine bill — and the two chambers are nowhere near resolving the vast differences between their two bills.

    The vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was 14-3. The legislation includes reforms to the International Monetary Fund requested by the Obama administration and Democrats, despite the objections from some Republicans.
    Source: Politico

    Of course, this piece of legislation being passed quickly is probably the only thing that matters on Ukraine at the moment and it seems the politicians are still incapable of getting it done. Ukraine's survival as a state is poised to be the victim of American partisan politics. Their only other hope is that the euros would move quickly to aid them and . . . well . . .
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    Re: Deal on Ukraine elusive on Hill

    So they voted to joins sides with Russia by voting to punish some Ukraine officials. What a surprise.

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    Re: Deal on Ukraine elusive on Hill

    Putin can handle this. Americans are too accustomed to meddling in the affairs of other countries to imagine not.
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