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Thread: UAW Appeals Volkswagen Workers' Rejection in Tenn

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    Re: UAW Appeals Volkswagen Workers' Rejection in Tenn

    Quote Originally Posted by joko104 View Post
    Democratic officials were promising this would benefit the employees, the company and the state. CLEARLY outrageous "inappropriate interference" favoring the union. Under your theory, no vote on unions would ever be anything but reversible.
    not 'reversible'
    but most votes do face a challenge by the losing party
    the question then becomes was there any egregious action which should merit a re-vote
    i am sure that will be the question the NLRB now faces. but since VW would not oppose a re-vote resulting in union representation, and since the president spoke out against coker's interference, it would not surprise me that Obama's appointees in DoL would have word with the deciding officials
    we are negotiating about dividing a pizza and in the meantime israel is eating it[
    Quote Originally Posted by oneworld2 View Post
    Except it's not their land and it was a war of conquest wrapped up as a defensive war. Subsequent events confirm this

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    Re: UAW Appeals Volkswagen Workers' Rejection in Tenn

    Quote Originally Posted by justabubba View Post
    the governor's words indicated that the employees who voted for a union would suffer because the SUV would be built in mexico instead of tennessee
    but if they voted against the union the employees would build another line, giving them more job security

    that would constitute the inappropriate interference
    hmm. I see that line of argument - it's a quid pro quo - which usually isn't kosher ( sorry for the mixing Hebrew and Latin phrases).
    Interesting. I'll thread watch, not capable of arguing the finer points.

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