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Thread: Kentucky must honor out-of-state same-sex marriages -judge

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    Kentucky must honor out-of-state same-sex marriages -judge

    Kentucky must honor out-of-state same-sex marriages -judge - Chicago Tribune

    Gay marriage in Kentucky gains foothold with federal judge's ruling

    In a ruling that could open the door to gay marriage in Kentucky, a federal judge has struck down the state’s ban on recognizing same-sex unions performed in states where it is legal.
    U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II ruled Wednesday that Kentucky’s prohibition violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law by treating gays and lesbians “differently in a way that demeans them.”
    Back up inks:
    Kentucky gay marriage: Judge says state must recognize gay marriages performed in other states - Associated Press -
    Gay marriage coming to the South? Kentucky ruling chips away at ban -
    Kentucky Ordered to Recognize Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriage - Businessweek
    Kentucky Gay Marriage Ruling Heyburn |
    As suits multiply, gay-marriage backers win in Ky. - The Washington Post
    Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages granted in other states: federal judge - NY Daily News

    more quotes from the judge

    In Oklahoma, U.S. District Judge Terence Kern also referred heavily to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling. He wrote that the state's ban violated the Constitution's equal protection clause, saying the ban was "an arbitrary, irrational exclusion of just one class of Oklahoma citizens from a governmental benefit."
    Protecting tradition, Heyburn wrote, no matter how ancient or deeply held, was not good enough of defense for laws that create different rules for different groups of people.
    "For years, many states had a tradition of segregation and even articulated reasons why it created a better, more stable society," Heyburn wrote, in what may likely become one of the most frequently-quoted passages of his decision. "Similarly, many states deprived women of their equal rights under the law, believing this to properly preserve our traditions.

    Gay marriage coming to the South? Kentucky ruling chips away at ban -

    another one bites the dust, well actually TWO bit the dust today

    is there really anything left to discuss on this issue besides just WHEN we will have equal rights for gays nationally?

    2/13/14 Version 5.0
    21 States with Equal Rights (3 in stay)
    Massachusetts - May 17, 2004
    Connecticut - November 12, 2008
    Iowa - April 27, 2009
    Vermont - September 1, 2009
    New Hampshire - January 1, 2010
    Washing D.C. - March 9, 2010
    FALL OF DADT Dec 18, 2010
    New York - July 24, 2011
    Washington - December 6, 2012
    Maine - December 29, 2012
    Maryland - January 1, 2013
    FALL OF DOMA - June 26, 2013
    California - June 28, 2013
    Delaware - July 1, 2013
    Rhode Island - August 1, 2013
    Minnesota - August 1, 2013
    New Jersey - October 21, 2013
    Hawaii - December 2, 2013
    New Mexico – December 19, 2013
    Utah – December 20. 2013 Currently Stayed and wiil be ruled on with OK)
    Oklahoma - Currently Stayed and wiil be ruled on with UT)
    GSK v. Abbott Laboratories - Janurary 21, 2014 (could be huge in gay rights, discrimination/heightened scrutiny)
    Kentucky - February 2/14/14 (Must recognize out-of-state marriages) which will lead to their ban being defeated
    Virginia - February 2/14/14
    Illinois - June 1, 2014 effective
    18 States Working Towards Equal Rights
    11 States with Pending Court Cases to Establish Equal Rights
    Alaska (Suit to be filed this month)
    Michigan (Feb 2014 Trial)
    North Carolina
    Pennsylvania (June 14 Trial)
    South Carolina
    Tennessee (Direct US Constitution Challenge)
    Texas (Jan 2014 Trial, Direct US Constitution Challenge)
    West Virginia
    4 States with Court Case(s) and Legislation to establish Equal Rights
    Arkansas (Decesion Pending and 2016 ballot)
    Ohio (December 2013 trial) Trial had narrow ruling that ohio will recognize OTHER state marriages but didn’t impact bans. New cases expected.
    3 States with Legislation to Establish Equal Rights
    thats 39 states that could have equal rights by 2016 and some much sooner!
    Also 3 State Attorney Generals no longer defending the constitutionality of bans, joining the case against them or reviewing their constitutionality
    Virginia (in stay)

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