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Thread: Bad weather batters Europe

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    Re: Bad weather batters Europe

    Quote Originally Posted by Canell View Post
    500 years ago there were no power lines to be be destroyed by ice.
    500 years ago there was no family without burning wood. Some people use electricity for heating nowadays. When there is no electricity they have no heating.
    Go ahead, giggle.

    You are freaking out about weather which is the NORM. I can't tell you, and many US posters as well, how many times the things you are worried about happens in the US. Ice happens. People lose power, power is replaced. As a teen I lost power for over two weeks during and after the Blizzard of 1996, which followed cold temps and major flooding. Lost power for 5 days during Christmas week in 2004 and temps fell to -17 Fahrenhiet, didn't have a chimney or anything like that. Like I said I'll giggle.
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