Ratings of the health care law have tumbled since the botched rollout of the program'shealth exchanges last October, but in January, they took an especially substantial plunge among the uninsured (with favorability dropping 12 points). The magnitude of the drop could be chalked up to statistical quirk that may be corrected in next month's poll. On the other hand, it could be an indication that for many uninsured, the reality of the law is not living up to the promise.Uninsured Americans who were expecting to get cheap coverage on the exchanges may have been surprised to learn that the plans being offered can be expensive, even after subsidies. And the cheaper plans come with high deductibles and fewer choices of doctors and hospitals. Additionally, those struggling to find affordable coverage will now be subject to a penalty if they don't purchase a plan by March 31.
Needless to say, if this trend proves to be more than statistical noise in one poll, it's incredibly problematic for Democrats. Their strategy for overcoming the backlash against the health care law is about going on offense by touting the benefits of the program to uninsured Americans. But if the uninsured are souring on the law to such an extreme degree, it will become a much tougher sell.

Obamacare favorability rating down a net 46 points since time of passage --- among uninsured | WashingtonExaminer.com
Obama's supporters, and the ACA itself has a much bigger problem than a botched website, and mismanagement of his signature legislation....People are increasingly NOT happy now that they can 'see whats in the bill since the bill has been passed' and they do NOT like it....

But I have a sort of different question about this other than the 'I told you so' gloating that should go without saying...What's next? I mean, if this collapses what will that look like? And where will we go from there?