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I can't say I agree with him fully, although, there is something in the air concerning progressives that is disconcerting to say the least...The outright hate for those who have made lots of money, rooted in mostly jealous rage could boil over, but I don't think we are there now...What he says is spot on though.
Well Nazi's stole priceless pieces of artwork, gold and anything of value from the Jews - the only difference is that the Jews owned that property...

Now OWS and their like-minded counterparts (progressives) actually believe they're entitled - not that they have to earn a goddamn thing - but that their presence on earth is enough for them to live like millionaires because it's only "fair to them" - earning a dollar is alien to these aliens.

The Jews in Nazi Germany got ****ed - they lost everything, and they did nothing wrong but work hard.