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Your words directly contradict your actions. You have done nothing but make it personal for the last 3 posts.

People have their own opinions and nothing I've said is anti-teacher. It seems whatever baggage you are bringing into this discussion about a proposed Canadian study is preventing you from discussing the actual topic. That's not my problem. I've stated emphatically teachers are hamstrung given the curriculum they are required to use, that they are teaching kids how to take tests instead of teaching. I HAVE been critical of teachers unions as they are a road block to getting and keeping good teachers and removing bad ones, and I'm critical of the administrative money that drives all of the political behavior which leaves kids and their education far down the list of priorities. If you read my posts and didn't inject your own baggage into a failed discussion you apparently want to make about ME instead of the topic, this would have gone a lot better. Have a nice day.
If that is a surrender, I accept it wholeheartedly. Farewell.