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Yes, I complained loud and often when the USAPatriot Act became law, but was somewhat pleased when members of Congress tried to reign in some of the GW Bush Administration's civil liberty abuses through warrantless wiretaps and blanket surveillance on innocent members of the population. I still disagree with the bulk data collection method, but I can understand why it's done. And as long as warrants are issued under legitimate circumstances, I can deal with that.

The reason I give this President a "pass" as you say (which I don't, but I'll play along anyway since that seems to be the standard "gotcha back" Republican response these days ) is atleast he has tried to reign in some of the abuses even when Congress hasn't acted. Atleast he has consulted with the appropriate congressional committees concerning ways to protect privacy rights while also seeking ways to improve the NSA surveillance system. Yes, it's all happening after a traitor who claims to be a whistleblower came forward with certain revelations, but it's still far more than the last guy did who occupied the White House.

I'm not blaming GWB, I'm just saying the very people who are complaining now likely didn't say much when a Republican President justified this NSA program with authority that was much more far-reaching than when's in affect now. Yeah, folks like you likely remained mum because "national security" was once against used as justification to grab more power for the Executive. But now that a Democrat is in office, now you guys cry foul.
Obama admitted he's not reigning in anything in his speech last week. Never any fault on his part, though.