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I am pro choice in that I don't believe it's the government's business to regulate a woman's body. However, I am kind of torn on this one. I believe that 20 weeks gives a woman plenty enough time to decide if she wants to carrry the fetus to term or abort it. After 20 weeks, I believe abortion should only be an option if it affects the health or the life of the mother, or if the baby has some extraordinary condition, such as anencephaly (no brain). Considering the makeup of the SCOTUS, this decision somewhat surprises me. In addition, since most Liberals typically want abortion on demand, irregardless of the length of gestation, and most Conservatives want abortion completely outlawed, I thought that the 20 week rule might be a good compromise between both sides of the issue.


Article is here.
while i agree with you the issues is very simple.

I PERSONALLY would be ok with 20-21 weeks but thats meaningless in this case

the state just cant put its on limit on it, thats just a violations on rights and they ruled properly for this case.

back to our personal opinions the 20-21 week is a GREAT compromise and logically makes the both sense for anybody that TRULY wants rights, legal/human/equal, protected.
Rights will ALWAYS be violated in the abortion decision and many people simply dont accept these facts though. So IMO trying to make it as equal as possible is the best solution.