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Thread: Ex-CIA director: Snowden should be 'hanged' if convicted of treason

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    Re: Ex-CIA director: Snowden should be 'hanged' if convicted of treason

    Seven house republicans have called for investigations into Clappers lying to congress which Rand Paul has just claimed has been more damaging to America than anything Ed Snowden has done.

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    Re: Ex-CIA director: Snowden should be 'hanged' if convicted of treason

    Quote Originally Posted by Montecresto View Post
    Never cared a lot for Woolsey anyway, but he's way out their. Typical haute attitude of intelligence guys.

    WASHINGTON – Former CIA Director James Woolsey had harsh words Tuesday for anyone thinking about giving Edward Snowden amnesty, and argued the NSA leaker should be “hanged” if he’s ever tried and convicted of treason.

    Woolsey, along with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton, spoke Tuesday in Washington in an interview with Fox News.

    “I think giving him amnesty is idiotic,” Woolsey said. “He should be prosecuted for treason.
    If convicted by a jury of his peers, he should be hanged by his neck until he is dead."

    Ex-CIA director: Snowden should be

    I'd be interested to hear what Woolsey thinks should be done to those people in the NSA who have been unconstitutionally spying on just about every American.

    Keeping in mind that almost none of those Americans were ever a threat to the USA and the NSA has wasted a lot of time and U.S. taxpayer's money doing this.
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