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Thread: NHL faces concussion lawsuit, as 10 former players allege failure on head injuries

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    NHL faces concussion lawsuit, as 10 former players allege failure on head injuries


    The National Football League was the first domino to fall on pro sports concussion lawsuits, having agreed to pay $765 million to former players after 4,500 athletes sued the League. Now, the National Hockey League faces its first lawsuit over head injuries, as 10 former players filed a class action lawsuit on Monday alleging that the NHL didnít do enough to protect them from brain trauma during their careers.

    According to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, the players are Gary Leeman (667 games, 1982-97), Brad Aitken (14 games, 1990-91), Darren Banks (20 NHL games, 1992-94), Curt Bennett (580 NHL games, 1970-80), Richard Dunn, Warren Holmes, Bob Manno (371 games, 1976-85), Blair Stewart (229 games, 1973-80), Morris Titanic (19 games, 1974-76) and Rick Vaive (876 games, 1979-92)


    The plaintiffs span the decades for the NHL where concussion awareness was in its infancy but before any pro sports league was taking significant steps to curtail or treat them. In fact, some of these players, like Blair Stewart of the Washington Capitals, played without a helmet. The League mandated helmets in 1979, but allowed players who weren't wearing them to continue to do so.
    On one hand, I think the players are right to sue the league for failing to identify potential threats. On the other hand, I think the league should only be responsible for medical bills. These guys couldn't have possibly thought they could get physically hurt for hundreds of games without side effects. If they did, the 70s were ****ing wild man.
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    Re: NHL faces concussion lawsuit, as 10 former players allege failure on head injurie

    Really? They have to identify the potential threat of concussion in hockey? I think with all professional sports, they should require all athletes to get insurance to cover this stuff. Paid for out their own salaries.

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