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The 1300s, study some history. Why the heck do you think the catholic church put together a Bible and made satan front and center the big boogieman - to put butts in pews. Homosexuality has been largely ignored by many non-western culture throught the last 2000 years. But why the last two thousand years? Are you thinking that's the whole of human history?
Because before Augustine and other busybodies, no one in the west really cared about it. The Greeks practiced it hard.

I would say from the Carolingian dynasty up to 12th century was more tolerant, but your problem is having to demonstrate why there would be a crackdown similar to the 1300s in the foreseeable future. They didn't have access to modern science indicating that homosexuality is inborn, nor a concept of it as we do today. All they had was however the church authority decided to deal with individual sex acts.