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Thread: Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report

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    Re: Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report

    Quote Originally Posted by sawyerloggingon View Post
    What SHE thought was that when he hugged her and said he would make sure she got immediate help that he was telling the truth and not just using her for a commercial.
    Silly woman.

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    Re: Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report

    A bogus NY Post piece sets off a frenzy : Columbia Journalism Review

    Well, well, well. As it turns out, the guy named in the story as someone who fudged with census results hasn't worked at census since 2011.

    The problem here is not that there’s no story, but that Crudele seriously overplays and distorts what he’s really got, turning a nugget of news into a blockbuster conspiracy exposé. It’s like if Woodward and Bernstein had skipped the years of legwork and just went with “NIXON HENCHMEN BURGLE DNC” the day after the Watergate burglary.

    But of course, Nixon’s henchmen did actually burgle the DNC. What Crudele has uncovered is not evidence—at all—of a political conspiracy—but a very minor story about a single Census employee filing fake household reports rather than doing the work of surveying the households.

    It turns out that the single Census employee Crudele found faking reports—Julius Buckmon—hasn’t worked for the Census since 2011, when, presumably, he was fired. That news came from CNBC’s Steve Leisman, and it moots the thesis of Crudele’s entire column.

    All he’s got after that is a single anonymous source saying the Census intentionally interfered with the election, and that doesn’t come close to cutting it, particularly since Crudele’s reporting in the rest of the piece is fatally flawed.
    But, of course, none of this matters. The right wing has jumped to conclusions without any facts (AGAIN), and now it's part of the right-wing zeitgeist that Obama ****ed around with the jobs numbers before the election.
    Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism.

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