Obama admits he lied.

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"We've got to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them

He is not going to "listen".

The time for listening was long, long, ago.

Obama did not listen when Americans said they did not want this.
Obama did not listen when MA sent Scott Brown to take Dead Kennedy's seat.
Obama did not listen, he had that ferret Perlosi tell Americans we have to pass it to find out what is in it.
Obama did not listen... he used parliamentary tricks to shove ObamaKrap down our throats.
Obama did not listen to a Demokrat adviser who said the people running this had zero experience.
Obama did not listen when he surely knew healthkare.gov wouldn't work.
Obama did not listen, he blamed others for the mess.
Obama did not listen, he claimed WE DID NOT LISTEN to what he really said about "If you like your plan..."


Obama is a liar of majestic proportions. He makes Nixon's lies to cover-up a break-in he did not orchestrate look like childish crimes.

Obama is, as Krauthammer rightly calls him "toxic"... I say "toxic waste".

Calling Obama Richard Obama-Nixon is an insult to Nixon.