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Damn skippy, I've taken out many movies from the public library (where I live has an amazing PL system), and if you're late, it's what ... 10 cents a day?
Here there is a 10 movie limit at one time and they are due back in 7 days and the late fee is 50 cents/day/title.

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Honestly, I completely forgot about the library. I never go there anymore since I got the Kindle, but I forgot they have movies there, too.
I get movies there all the time. And there is a branch only about a mile and a half from my house. I haven't used it yet, but there's also a branch about 6 miles away from here that has a "MEDIA BOX" vending machine where you can pick up new releases 24/7. However, the library rules are slightly different for the media box movies. For instance, if you click a hold on a movie that's at the media box and you don't pick it up within 24 hrs then you lose your hold on that item. Also, the limit is 7 movies and you can't renew movies/books that you get from the media box.

It appears that in many locales the library is going to be the only place you can pick-up DVDs without buying them because Blockbuster is the only rental place left.