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Yeah, yeah. The news media still carries Obama's water, though.

They don't serve the national interest anymore. They distort information and withhold the truth in the service of a liberal agenda alien to ordinary Americans. They might as well all be in jail; they'd do less harm that way.
Progressives needed to come up with a solution with the rise of conservative talk radio in the 90's. Especially losing the national healthcare opportunity during bubbas administration. They have done a great job since in their efforts to discredit conservative talk radio and "faux" news, while keeping their script largely intact.

What's interesting IMO is when a dependable shill in their eyes goes off script, like with Woodward back in February. Their off script alarms go off, like its the end of the world, and for them it would be if the media wasn't afraid, if journalists could think for themselves, but that is rare as the progressive cult has taken root the past few decades and will continue to do so with their latest power grab with healthcare