Exactly..The ACA was a split decision just like VRA..
Roberts and Kennedy are the dynamic dup, no matter what they say to each other's opinion in public..
If either swings left, the other stays behind for now..
Overall, they still favor splits that lean right..
I see the day when both write the majority opinion with Justices from both wings giving them a 6-3.
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I wouldn't exactly call it a loss. Two major precedents were established by the ACA decision: first, the government could not regulate non-commerce, and second, the government could not force states to do things on penalty of having already appropriated money taken away.

There are other parts of the law which are being challenged in court, such as the contraception mandate and subsidies in states that did not set up exchanges.

So yeah, the law will stand, but many aspects of it were unconstitutional and more will likely be found and stripped from the law.