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This is what you wrote

"I kinda feel bad for whichever sharpshooter probably put her down. A car rams the gate at the White House, obviously you have to react as if there's a bomb in it and take them out immediately. Then later you find out is was just some woman who snapped and had her kid with her, who got to watch its mom go crazy and then get shot."

Am I really the only person discussing her gender in any way?

You said she was "just a woman". Why did it matter if she was a woman or a man? Would you feel the same for the shooter if it was just a man who snapped and had his kid with him. I don't think so.

By the way, who said she just snapped?
I thought he used the phrase "just some woman" much like, in a similar situation with a man involved, you would say "just some man".

I think you're reading too much into it.

Edit: As in, "damn, it wasn't a bomb, just some woman who apparently went crazy".