Forbes accepts a number of online contributors now days, and most of them are full fledged contributors of DNC talking points. The ole man (Forbes) doesn't police this or have interest in it - they've gone mainstream left over the last 18 months in a big way. The fact is the Congress (even the senate and olooser himself signed) passed actions to keep the military going in full and the loser in charge sent half of the civilian work force home pleaded with them to call on congress to give him his way. I hope they stay home about 18 months then we can have a real election and major shift for once in politics. We'll set the radical leftist that are in charge back a 100 years.

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Oh well, if FORBES says it all conservatives must agree.

Perhaps conservatives aren't the follow along puppies liberals are and are willing instead to think for themselves. And btw, if our military forces are "rapidly running down" what the hell has the president and the democratic senate been doing the last six years?