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Those are just lies that third parties tell themselves because they don't want to accept that their party platforms simply do not resonate with a majority of Americans. Your own argument proves this. You think McKinney would have made a better president... from YOUR perspective, yet your perspective is shared by only a tiny minority of Americans and you're trying to tell people that it's because Americans are brainwashed. However, you're not willing to consider the very real possibility that maybe it's you and your tiny political cult that are brainwashed, maybe it's you with the problems and everyone else is fine.

It's something to consider, although I doubt you will.
If it's just me, I wonder why the Occupy movement got going so well? If it's just me, I wonder why the gap between the richest and the average guy is growing so dramatically? If it's just me, I wonder why unemployment (the real unemployment, not the government propaganda version) is so strong?

No, Jimmy Carter was right a few months back--democracy in these United States is pretty much an illusion. So is the Republican form of government we like to brag about--rule of law, checks and balances, integrity of the judiciary, etc.