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Thread: Iran: We will never develop nuclear weapons

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    Re: Iran: We will never develop nuclear weapons

    Quote Originally Posted by rocket88 View Post
    What are you taking tips from Bronson now?
    So others have also noted you have little regard for the truth? It's never too late to change.

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    Re: Iran: We will never develop nuclear weapons

    Quote Originally Posted by j-mac View Post
    Hardly. It was a question that would expose the disgusting ideology that is liberal progressivism. You won't answer because of that, you can't answer because of that. Which is why I hold that most liberal progressives are really just liars, and generally cowards, afraid to be honest.
    Excuse me?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but this started out with myself replying to this comment
    Because for thousands of years, we've gotten nothing but truth, integrity, and peace from this refined, sophisticated, and exemplary region of the earth.
    . Now I simply said that in Ancient Persia (which was thousands of years ago) it was considered one of the most heinous crimes to tell a lie, and that for a pretty fair period of time Persia, had a more refined culture than that of Europe.

    You then asked me to define the term "Taq'qya" Taqiyya is a practice in which Shi'a Muslims lie about their faith in order to avoid persecution and/or aggression towards them.
    The problem with you having me define this is that it does not represent Ancient Persia. Yes indeed Iran is Shi'a Muslim today, however Ancient Persia was Zoroastrian.

    Hence it is not relevant to my statement.

    So where the hell does "The disgusting theory of Liberal Progressivism" come into play in any of this?
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    Re: Iran: We will never develop nuclear weapons

    Quote Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique View Post
    They do when they are under a very real threat of being bombed by Israel.
    Why would Israel bomb a purely civilian site that would be constantly inspected and shown to be clean? As long as they don't pull the Osirak kind of verification (aka, little), the entire world would have access to verify Iran's behavior.

    Go ahead and provide your examples. Let's talk specifics.
    Which specifics? Like how Israel pretended facilities doing nuclear work didn't exist? How they put in fake walls during inspections? How they tossed out inspectors?

    South Korean nuclear research programs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tell me how the Iranian program resembles the Argentina program. We know the Argentina program is civilian only.

    Whether or not they are covered in sanctions currently extant is completely irrelevant. Regardless, this is really just irrelevant to the discussion.
    Not at all. If Iran was serious about civilian only, they could have saved billions in direct costs and billions from sanctions if they simply bought the fuel and shipped out the waste. That's how everyone else does it. The costs otherwise make it uncompetitive against other forms of electrical generation. Having to run your own enrichment program is horribly expensive. It's so much easier just to buy the fuel.
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