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Thread: College Athletes Honesty Caught on Camera

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    College Athletes Honesty Caught on Camera

    This story is about 4 college athletes and their honesty. Shown on yahoo as reported by CBS (see lower link) I've provided a youtube video of the same story reported by a local NJ station.

    Here is the yahoo/CBS News channel 2 (NY) link:

    College athletes' honesty caught on security camera

    In the CBS report the kids were located, students at a local college where they are all on the football team. The report also notes the kids left money to pay the sales tax too. Three of these young men were Black. It's good to see stereotypes broken. Not everyone is a criminal, right?
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    Re: College Athletes Honesty Caught on Camera

    He he, that happened to me and my friend too. Me and my buddies were out drinking, we ran out of beer so we decided to go in and get some more beer and drink it on the bench in the park. So he and I went to a store, there was no clerk, lights were on, we picked up the beer and then we paid for it. Wrote on the notes what we took.

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    Re: College Athletes Honesty Caught on Camera

    Good story, CA. Not enough of them like that. And good on ya', Rainman. Character is what happens when nobody is looking.
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