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Thread: Obama Does Not Favor Changing Pot Laws … 'At This Point'

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    Re: Obama Does Not Favor Changing Pot Laws … 'At This Point'

    We all know that Obama can't lead...even though he is the leader of our country.

    To expect Obama to take a stand on any issue that:

    1. Is not part of his liberal agenda, and:

    2. Is not worth spending what little political capital he has left,

    Is expecting WAY to much from the guy.

    “An armed society is a polite society.”
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    Re: Obama Does Not Favor Changing Pot Laws … 'At This Point'

    Quote Originally Posted by poweRob View Post
    Quick question for all of you in this thread...

    IF you were prez... would you consider doing a blanket pardon for all in prison for pot using charges. Not pot dealing charges and not a pardon for any other crimes in addition to their usage. Just charges of pot usage to be expunged from their records?

    Who'd have the God size gonads to do this as prez?
    I would, and then I would get to watch my political career go down the drain. Still, it would be worth it for me.
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    Should I be free to buy anthrax and a rocket launcher?
    Quote Originally Posted by Phil_Osophy View Post
    Is there a reason you shouldnt be free to?
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    Obamacare wants to put a chip inside people. There is a video of it on youtube.

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