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Well to be fair neither of us really knows what they were feeling when they did it, but I was imagining doing something like that and for myself it would take courage - insane or not.

The thing I don't get is: where did they think they were going? Unless they went to some remote island, they would just end up landing in another long-standing civilization with rules, prejudices, etc. You can leave America but you can't leave humanity.
They said they did it because gays, abortion, and the government running the churches (wherever the hell they get that from). They were aiming for a remote island called Kiribati, that's 97% Christian.

As Christians they don't believe in 'abortion, homosexuality, in the state-controlled church,' she said.
Gastonguay family abandoned U.S. for religious reasons and sailed for Kiribati; was lost at sea for 3 months | Mail Online

They almost drown their two kids to keep them away from gays and abortion. They weren't a church attending family, by the way. They read the bible on their own and decided it told them to go to Kiribati.