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Ever notice how these stories are always reported on Friday?

Congress to get Obamacare exemption: report - MarketWatch
You know what is really amazing? When your own source seems to contradict itself.

On Obamacare, Congress didn't really get an exemption - Health Exchange - MarketWatch
What’s not well understood is the origin of this ruling. Uniquely, lawmakers and their aides had to get insurance “created” by the Affordable Care Act or “offered through an exchange.” This provision — stuck into the Affordable Care Act by Sen. Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, basically as an intended poison pill — only applied to Congress and to no one else.
That is still the case. The current plans go away. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi issued a statement Thursday night saying lawmakers and their staffs must enroll in an exchange by Oct. 1.

The ruling by the OPM means that the government will contribute to those plans — just as it does now, and just as most private-sector employees have their health insurance paid for, in part or in whole, by their employers.
They are not getting exempt from the health insurance plans created by Obamacare implementation and getting their old insurance. they are getting employer contributions for it (Being the US government) to pay for their new insurance under Obamacare. About the only annoying thing about this is that they did away with the employer mandate for a year which they just got their employer to pay for health insurance. of course, that is the same for most people who already had employer health insurance paid for. It is only really unfair to the percentage of full time people who would have had gotten coverage a year sooner because of the employer mandate, but I do not see any reason why employers could not start paying a year earlier for all their employees like the US government is.