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Thread: Kentucky ending private prisons

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    Re: Kentucky ending private prisons

    Quote Originally Posted by SheWolf View Post
    Why does it end up costing more?
    The administrative costs of oversight and the training costs due to the high turnover of personnel who are underpaid.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    The economy will improve under this bill. If a few people die, it will be for the betterament of this country.

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    Re: Kentucky ending private prisons

    Quote Originally Posted by Slyfox696 View Post
    I'd even argue too many jailed for far too long for some violent crimes.

    The problem is society doesn't care about those who are in prison. We're comfortable with the concept "out of sight, out of mind", not realizing by not putting resources into prisons, all we're doing is continuing to make the problem worse. There are some people who are simply evil, and no amount of assistance will ever help them. But I do not believe that to be the case with most people, even prisoners. But we throw them in jail, for years or even decades, and then act surprised when they get out of jail and are not capable of functioning in society.

    The reform has to come in terms of education. Not just book learning, but learning of skills, learning of proper behavior, etc. As I said, some will never reform, but I think most people would prefer to live a better life.
    I haven't been able to find the link again, but about a year ago I read about California's prisons - how they started removing all the training programs and taking away the chance of early parole. The prison environment went to heck in a handbasket (due to no hope) and those prisoners that did get out had a higher recidivism than when the programs were in place.

    Inmates behave better if they think that will get them out earlier. And having programs in place will help them cope better when they do get out.

    With the realignment thing going on, there is more interest in local programs to help with rehab. They are meeting with inmates before and after release. I think that's good.

    Re KY - yea for getting out of the private prison business! I totally agree - while prisons are sadly needed, it should be a govt. responsibility, not a profit making center for a commercial enterprise.

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