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Thread: Anti-Americanism flares in Egypt as protests rage over Morsi's ouster

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    Re: Anti-Americanism flares in Egypt as protests rage over Morsi's ouster

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    How on earth are we deflecting? Do you even know what the word means?
    Well, let's see... I used it correctly to describe your dog's dick style (meaning you go where ever your lack of mental gravity leads you at that moment); a form of slithering away from the topic at hand hoping the other side hasn't realized you've pissed yourself.

    And so what? He has said a lot of things, and hope for a lot of things, but not everything is possible.. that is politics.
    He said some abslute moronic things related to HID being elected and how the WORLD and Muslims in this world would react to Obama's Amerika der Beautiful.

    Again total denial of your own hero's complicity in the whole situation... classic conservative denial...
    Another feeble attempt at deflection.

    This is about The Almighty Miss Amerika Werld View of Obama. Nobody put thems werdz in his yap.

    He put 'em out there for the world to enjoy... now enjoy the stupidity as I and others are.

    Live, love... learn it.
    The Clintons are what happens...
    when you have NO MORAL COMPASS.

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    Re: Anti-Americanism flares in Egypt as protests rage over Morsi's ouster

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    Good question actually and not an easy one to answer. You have one major problem and that is your dependence on oil. It means you need the oil from the middle east, either to stabilize the price of oil, or actually to consume. This has lead to almost 100 years of petro companies (the 7 sisters.. google it) basically defining American foreign policy in the region. Get off oil, and you can say "**** you" to the middle east and leave.
    We're not going to get off oil. It is far too ubiquitous, and the alternatives range from the implausible to the impracticable. What we can do is reduce the importance of Middle Eastern oil by exploring alternate sources.

    And then there is the Israel issue.. which is easily solve-able as well. Remove the unconditional support and watch Israel behave and suddenly want real peace for security.
    I agree. Which is why the most likely response on the part of Israel in that scenario is to ensure herself a buffer zone for security, and clear the Arabs out of it, in order to secure real peace.

    Right now, Israel is an (understandably) paranoid nation surrounded by an entire region of folks who would be willing to commit genocide against it. The one thing that keeps them out of a Hobbesian security dilemma is the U.S. security guarantee. Remove that guarantee, and you put her back in the security dilemma, where peace can only be secured through aggression.

    To be frank.. as long as they are doing it to themselves and not Americans or anyone outside the region.. then yea who cares.
    Well, some of us do. Perhaps it's one of those "American" things, but I doubt it. I notice that even Europeans on occasion support peacekeeping forces, for example, whose job it is, after all, to stop those things, even at the potential risk to their own lives.

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