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Do me a favor and save it....The dripping contempt, and arrogant superior attitude coming from you is nauseating. If I really wanted more of that type of discourse I'd go to DailyKOS and stir up the challenged. In fact, you haven't shown us that any of your particular approach to this story is anything different than what one can get by listening to 5 minutes (because that is all a rational person can stand) on MSNBC. Your insults are laughable, and childish, and your arguments, and defenses of the non defensible show the banality of your less than stimulating prose.

You bring nothing that is not repeated here over and over by others that spew the same garbage and think themselves intelligent. It's not even scoff worthy, it is just plain sad.

As always with progressives, the qualified apology...Usually disguised as a back handed insult to the person being apologized to...If you are going to type things that you don't mean, then a hint for you best to keep your mouth shut, rather than display your lack of intelligence for all to see.

It'd be a pathetic day if I had to rely on a progressive to validate my thinking skills on any level, so you have a good day, and come on back when you get a new approach....Because the one you are displaying now, just reeks of sock puppet.
sorry for your sadness, but as I said, I'll be in touch when it is all over and then you can rant again ... until then ...