1 dead, dozens hurt in explosion at Louisiana chemical plant - CBS News

Surprised there isn't a thread on this yet, lol.

Happened this morning, reasons still seem to be unknown. I can tell you it was one hell of an explosion though. I was at a neighboring chemical plant this morning, probably about three miles away (I only know because we were right outside of a two mile radius "danger zone" that people were talking about). I was on the top deck, over a hundred feet up from grade, looking at something and heard the explosion. Startled me so much I almost fell back. Almost immediately after that there was black smoke billowing out from the area. Was trapped in the control room at that plant all morning til lunch when they finally let the contractors get out of the plant.

Wishing the best for the injured and the family of the one lost. Hopefully the numbers don't keep climbing, though they've been climbing all morning apparently.