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Thread: California College involved in deadly shooting.

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    Re: California College involved in deadly shooting.

    Quote Originally Posted by American View Post
    Hold on a goddamn minute, California has the toughest ****ing gun laws in the country. How could this happen?

    Wow, nice to see such compassionate conservatism.

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    Re: California College involved in deadly shooting.

    Quote Originally Posted by head of joaquin View Post
    We haven't banned guns, that's the problem. The guy was probably from Texas.

    But there you boomsticklovers go -- politicizing another mass shooting. It's what you guys do.
    Wouldnt a debate about guns that doesnt take current events (AKA real life) into account be a somewhat flawed one? I find the suggestion that the debate about the events themselves and the debate on the policies should be entirely divorced from each other somewhat concerning.

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    Re: California College involved in deadly shooting.


    Joe Biden concedes White House gun push has faltered - Reid J. Epstein -

    Vice President Joe Biden insisted to a subdued audience Tuesday that he and President Barack Obama “haven’t given up” on gun control.

    But his remarks came at the first White House event since the Senate’s failed April 17 background checks vote. And all that he had to show gun control supporters by way of progress was a list of completed or mostly completed executive actions — and a set of new guidebooks for churches and schools on how to deal with a mass shooting situation.

    Over the past two months, the White House has dramatically dialed back its gun push.

    Biden chief of staff Bruce Reed’s Friday White House strategy meetings for representatives of gun control groups ended weeks ago. The barnstorming tour Biden pledged would pressure senators who voted against background checks hasn’t materialized.

    No new sponsors or votes for the background check bill have emerged publicly. Neither has any sort of timeline for when Congress might take up the measure again.

    I had hoped we would have assembled in this auditorium earlier,” Biden said. “I had hoped we would have assembled here a couple of months ago celebrating the first in a number of victories that we will have.”

    So Biden conceded the obvious Tuesday: the White House gun push in Congress has faltered.

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