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I would call it "the indiscriminate use of violence against civilian noncombatants for the purposes of creating fear to coerce people towards some political objective."

Generally speaking I would exclude military targets from the definition of terrorism. In any recognized rules of warfare, it is "legitimate" to attack the enemy's troops. People brought up Ft. Hood and the USS Cole in this thread, I am not willing to call those acts terrorism because I would then be forced to call many US military personnel and intelligence agents terrorists for conducting normal operations of the war on terror.

As for this incident, we don't really know much other than "brown skinned guy stabbed a soldier." There isn't any actual evidence beyond that. People speculate that it may have been connected to the attack in London.
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It has to be a mass, indiscriminate attack against non-combatants in order to instill fear or cause a desired outcome.

For example: 9/11, Boston Marathon, Oklahoma City, etc.
Wrong examples: Punching someone in the face, stabbing someone, or committing crimes while muslim.
Without venturing into the 'one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter' debate, I do not feel the 'act' alone, is what signifies or solely constitutes terrorism or a terrorist. Is it not right that we label such individuals as terrorists, simply for the life and path they have chosen? One of the suspects is already attributed with travelling overseas to fight in the so called Jihadists war. Moreover, the 'act' of instilling fear in the populace does not necessarily have to be on the back of multiple fatalities or indiscriminate killing of civilians. The out-pouring of emotion from the British public over this latest atrocity is testament to the 'fear factor' running strong.

That we now have ten arrests, should point you towards an act of terroism if for no other reason than the planning aspect, let alone the act, involed

BBC News - Lee Rigby murder: Police make tenth arrest