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This is a lie, as I have noted multiple times. The team from the annex (as well as a Libyan security force) arrived to remove those at the consulate, the team from Tripoli reinforced the annex at around 1:30 Benghazi time, and the evacuation team left with it's first group at 7:30 Benghazi time. The fact people are still clinging to the myth that no help was given, when clear evidence has shown otherwise, simply reeks of partisanship.

And, as countless people who has experience in the situation have said, trying to implement the large scale response people like you think should have happened is "cartoonish". So not only are you repeating lies, you're also otherwise suggesting something which would have been incredibly dangerous and foolish.

Give up the talking points. Pay attention to the facts.
Santayana was right
many of these folks apparently have no recollection of Operation Eagle Claw
a waste of American lives on a failed effort with little chance of success
... and probably the biggest reason Jimmy Carter was nor re-elected