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Thread: Republicans Block Vote on Nominee to Lead E.P.A.

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    Republicans Block Vote on Nominee to Lead E.P.A.

    WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans continued a campaign to delay confirmation of President Obama’s second-term cabinet nominees on Thursday, blocking a committee vote on Gina McCarthy, the president’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

    The eight Republicans on the Environment and Public Works Committee, led by the ranking member Senator David Vitter of Louisiana, boycotted a committee meeting to protest what they called Ms. McCarthy’s “unresponsive answers” to more than 1,000 written questions about E.P.A. policies and internal practices.

    “Gina McCarthy deserves a vote,” said Ms. Boxer, visibly angry. “I have delayed a vote for three weeks. I was assured by Senator Vitter that once he received answers to 1,000 questions — a record-breaking number — they would allow us to move forward with the vote.”

    Looks like more bull**** coming out of the Senate about filling cabinet positions. 1,000 + questionnaire? ****ing kidding me? Just seems just to be more partisan BS coming from the Senate.

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    Re: Republicans Block Vote on Nominee to Lead E.P.A.

    I could create a quiz that encompassed all aspects of a human being's life with less than 1,000 questions. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the same people were constructing the SOL tests in schools. :P
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