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Really. Well, Dr. Elliot said, "...seeming conflict between loyalty to the Republican Party and to public education". The difference between a school and education is that the former is a place of learning and the latter is what is learned. Republicans are not attacking a place, they are attacking what is learned. That is a distinction that you failed miserably to make and are trying to hide with ad hominem attacks and fallacious reasoning. Seriously, hows that working out for ya?
Impressive... NOT. Instead of responding to my public/private comment you go on some tangent about how 'education' is not 'school' ... no duh. If I'm not loyal to public schools, I'm not loyal to public education. I can still be loyal to private schools and education.

We weren't discussing the teachers unions, we were discussing education. Just because a teacher is member of union doesn't mean he/she isn't qualified or know indepth the subject they're teaching. They're certainly far more qualified on the subject of education than a politician is. Of all vocations, teachers have to constantly keep re-educating and retraining themselves to keep up with the times...not to mention become parents to some of the kids. IMO, they don't get paid enough when you consider we entrust them with our most valuable assets, our kids.
Another tangent... we were discussing education, one facet being teachers unions. As The Prof pointed out, he makes 78k for 181 5 hour days (including prep time). That works out to $78000/(181days*5hours/day) ~= $86 an hour. Not too shabby. I know a teacher and she spends a lot of time working off the books, grading work at home and what have you, but that's still a very decent sum of money.

No, I mean that Republicans are attacking public education from every angle they can possibly think of...from blaming liberals, to blaming teachers, to blaming unions, to blaming cirriculum, to blaming funding, to blaming the government, to blaming the poor, to blaming immigrants, to blaming the constitution, to blaming anything and everything but themselves.
Hate to interrupt your nice little rant, but have you been listening to conservative talk radio or something? Wait, no, you mentioned republicans blaming the constitution... I'm sorry but this is way off the deep end and has no connect to reality (although I'm sure you could find a few 'republicans', statistically insignificant to the republican party, who do blame all those things).