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Thread: Chinese Pour Out Grief for Student

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    Chinese Pour Out Grief for Student

    What a beautiful and promising young woman.
    The kind of immigrant we Do need.
    One of app 2000 who study each year at BU.

    Chinese Pour Out Grief for Student -
    At Boston University, 23-Year-Old Embraced U.S. Culture; Outpouring on Chinese Internet: 'Heaven Has No Bombs'
    CHINA NEWS Updated April 17, 2013, 3:19 p.m. ET

    BOSTON—In a post on the Chinese Twitter-like site Sina Weibo, Lu Lingzi's page shows a photo of a bowl of fried dough along with the words "My wonderful breakfast!" That was on Monday at around 9 a.m. in Boston. Just hours later, Ms. Lu became a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing. On Wednesday, as her classmates were already planning her memorial service, a Boston University spokesman confirmed her death.

    Ms. Lu, a 23-year-old Math and Statistics Graduate student, was from the rust-belt city of Shenyang in China's northeast. Boston University and the Chinese Consulate in New York both said on Tuesday that a Chinese graduate student had been killed in the bombing but withheld the name at the family's request. Ms. Lu's name began circulating online early Wednesday after social-media users connected the announcements with a post from her roommate that she was missing. By Wednesday evening, tens of thousands of Chinese social-media users had posted virtual candles and farewell messages to Ms. Lu.

    "Heaven has no bombs…travel in peace," one anonymous microblogger wrote in a comment left on her final post.
    Shuang Guo, president of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Boston University, said the group was planning a memorial service for Ms. Lu. "We're all really sad," she said. "We're studying abroad with our families waiting for us in China. We're all a community." Ms. Lu's Weibo account displayed an obsession with food. She also liked the television series "Downton Abbey" and the British rock band Muse. Her dogs were named Jingjing and Dudu, according to her Weibo account.

    She clearly relished life in Boston.
    While many Chinese students spend their time in the U.S. buried in their books and hanging out with other Chinese students, Ms. Lu appeared to Embrace American culture, including its food, its art and its sports.

    She went to watch the marathon Monday with two other Chinese international students, said Lucy Huang, another graduate student."...."
    —Lilian Lin, Kersten Zhang, and Josh Chin in Beijing contributed to this article.
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