Nicolas Maduro was proclaimed the winner of Venezuela’s disputed presidential election as the opposition called on supporters to press for a recount of the closest vote in 45 years.

The government dispatched anti-riot forces in Caracas today as Maduro, who received 50.8 percent of the vote, was declared the winner by the national electoral council. National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello said no recount of the 15 million votes cast would occur and that Maduro will be sworn in on April 19.

“I am the son of Chavez,” Maduro, 50, said today during his proclamation speech. “I am the first Chavista president after Hugo Chavez and I am going to fulfill in full his legacy to protect the humble, the poor, the fatherland.”

Henrique Capriles Radonski, who took 49 percent of the vote, said that the opposition has evidence of irregularities that affected hundreds of thousands of votes. The margin of victory was the narrowest since the 1968 presidential election and may lead to political unrest as almost half the country questions the government’s legitimacy, said Russell Dallon, a Miami-based bond trader at Caracas Capital Markets.
Maduro Proclaimed Venezuela President as Rival Vows Protests - Bloomberg

because when a communist wins by 1.6%...

venezuela endures regular power outages, suffers dramatic shortages of food, has the worst crime in the hemisphere...

the chavistas silence opposition media

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the worst thing, tho, is---he kept devaluing the currency, 5 times in 9 years, another 32% in february

Chavez Risks Backlash After Venezuela Devalues Bolivar 32% - Bloomberg

what a ripoff

and that worst ripper offer of the poor---runaway inflation, 25% in march

maybe it was the curse that won it

Maduro Invokes 'Curse Of Macaparana' On Venezuela Opposition Voters

either way, no recount will be allowed

the tear gas and rubber bullets are already busy, however, and 7 are dead

and now the very weak strongman is trying to ban protest

the bond market is breaking, the gdp is plummeting, talk of recession...