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Thread: Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) receives letter testing positive for ricin

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    Re: Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) receives letter testing positive for ricin

    Quote Originally Posted by zimmer View Post
    Of course Unitedwestand13 is cool with it. Many of the Democrat/Socialists are cool with it... they voted for our president with terrorist ties eagerly.

    If someone was looking for a man of character there is not a hope Obama would have been elected... having hung around terrorists, bigots, racists ans swindlers... but we are not talking about a political party or leaning that believes character matters. That's how we got Bill Clinton too.

    For Obama and his party... some terrorist bombers are OK... and they are willing to bend their brains to distort the fact there was a connection... and even deny it when the terrorist admitted regrets not having done more.

    Ayers: How Dare You! I Don't Regret the Bombs! | Bill Ayers | Fox Nation

    The Democrats/Socialists are thin on logic and morals.

    Unitedwestand13... what do you fail to understand with... "guilty as hell, free as a bird"?
    You forgot integrity.

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    Re: Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) receives letter testing positive for ricin

    Quote Originally Posted by APACHERAT View Post
    Where do you get your information from, Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central or MSNBC ?
    Why would one say such a thing then post a bunch of crap with no links? That hardly makes much sense doncha think?

    Quote Originally Posted by APACHERAT
    Mustard Gases:

    <" Iraq also began to produce sulphur mustard blister gas (HD) in the early 1980s, and by 1983 was able to employ it in chemical munitions against Iran. The primary effect of mustard gas is skin and eye blistering and lung irritation. Heavy exposure to an aerosol of mustard gas causes the lungs to fill with fluid and "drown" the victim. Mustard gas has a low death rate; generally only 2 to 3 percent of its victims perish.

    Iraq initially told UNSCOM that 3,080 tons of mustard gas had been produced, but in 1995 Iraq reduced this amount to 2,850 tons. UNSCOM found Iraq's mustard gas to be at least 80% pure and determined that it could be stored for long periods of time, both in bulk and in weaponized form. In its distilled form, mustard gas has a long life, and can be stockpiled for decades. It is relatively easy to produce and load into munitions. Iraq admits filling some 550 artillery shells with mustard gas but says it misplaced them shortly after the first Gulf War "<

    Nerve Gas: Sarin and Tabun

    >" Iraq moved up to producing the nerve gases sarin (GB) and tabun (GA) in 1984. These gases are highly toxic compounds that can penetrate the body either through contact with skin or eyes, or by inhalation. Just a few droplets will kill within minutes if inhaled or within hours if absorbed through the skin. The initial effects depend on the amount of contact with the agent and are almost immediate. Chemical nerve agents tend to have little or no incubation or latent period in the body. These agents act by attacking the central nervous system, causing rapid paralysis, respiratory failure and death by asphyxiation.

    According to Iraq, the sarin and tabun it first produced was of poor quality. It was unstable, and the effectiveness of the agents diminished quickly after production. Iraq claimed that its production methods were later changed to eliminate the stabilization problem. Iraq argued that the tabun it produced was of such poor quality that Iraq turned its research, development and production effort to prolonging the viability of sarin instead.

    Iraq adopted the "binary" method of weaponization, in which the components of sarin gas are stored separately until use, when they are mixed. The components of sarin are DF 2 and the alcohols cyclohexanol and isoproponal. Iraq manufactured DF 2 with a purity of 95%, and imported alcohols of 100% purity, so the detonation of its munitions could be expected to yield relatively pure sarin.

    At first, Iraq told UNSCOM that it had produced an estimated 250 tons of tabun and 812 tons of sarin. In 1995, Iraq changed its estimates and reported it had produced only 210 tons of tabun and 790 tons of sarin. Thus, it is still uncertain how much tabun and sarin Iraq actually manufactured. "<
    Since sources from who you are talking to seem to be much more important than providing sources yourself...

    Here ya go sport... FreeRepublic. I'll sit back and watch you try to tapdance around bashing a source that's almost as far right wing as one can get.

    Mustard gas found by Iraq weapon hunters

    ...The Danish team has found only 36 mortar rounds buried in desert about 45 miles from Al Amarah, a southern town. But it added that up to a 100 more could still be hidden at the location. The rounds were in plastic bags and some were leaking. It seems they had been buried for at least 10 years.

    Kind of makes your posts irrelevant.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moderate Right View Post
    The sad fact is that having a pedophile win is better than having a Democrat in office.
    Quote Originally Posted by lefty louie View Post
    Perhaps words yourself more plainly.

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