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It's not a prophecy. People don't band together in the expectation of oppression. They band together to overcome it. You're mixing cause and effect. I see your point that holding on to that element when oppression ends could be a problem, but that's a hypothetical future that is not today. There is still plenty of oppression to be overcome before anyone risks holding grudges when they shouldn't. What's going to happen when same sex couples can legally marry? They'll marry, and enjoy the same rights and privileges as everyone else, and it will be one more step towards a future where no one is judged or ostracized for being gay.

There are some people who try to keep a community insular, but they are few and far between. It's the same as Tevyeh in Fiddler on the Roof who cannot accept his daughter marrying outside the faith. In the modern world, a lot of people don't cling to that kind of exclusive membership to a community like that. The way to break out of that mold is through coexistence and cooperation. As the barriers that keep people in a minority community isolated break down, everyone intermingles more. Equality between people is the cure for the problems that trouble you. Truly equal people won't have cause for friction, and won't need to distance themselves from each other.

Perhaps. I do have a response to your first part on oppression, but quite frankly it is going to end up turning into a broader ideologic debate having almost nothing to do with SSM so its not something I want to get into.

Depends on your definition of equality. People will never be equal, but I think the source of inequality should never be a factor of race, ethnicity sex, or orientation. Some people will simply be more valuable to society; IE the plumber will never be the equivalent of a doctor. But merit should be strictly what decides who is a doctor and who is a plumber, and quite frankly a vast majority of Americans aren't fit for the former even in cases of perfect equality in the factors I mentioned above.