Look here people, I am not saying that it is a partisan thing, nor am I saying that it isn't...Likewise, it could be widespread, or it could be isolated, but fraud whether it be through registration, actual voting multiple times, paying people "walking money" on the day of election, nursing home fraud, homeless shelter fraud, Soros' SOS project, institutionalized fraud, or what ever it is, the integrity of our elections is what we should be talking about here, and how the press either plays it up, or down depending on who's laundry is on display.

I am really shocked that I have the gambit of responses in here from reasoned, to even one poster that actually thinks it's a good idea to have young people voting twice, are you serious? This country was founded on one person, one vote. I can not imagine anyone advocating any group of people getting more than one vote per person unless that person is a radical ideological person that is likey not representing their true views honestly. Or it's tongue in cheek...Don't know for sure....In any case, fraud in our election system is happening and needs to be cleaned up, and we need honest demo's, as well as honest repubs, and everyone in between to get that job done.