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Thread: Obama pushes ahead with export control changes | Reuters

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    Obama pushes ahead with export control changes | Reuters

    UPDATE 1-Obama pushes ahead with export control changes | Reuters

    WASHINGTON, March 8 (Reuters) - The Obama administration has notified Congress of plans to modify U.S. weapon and ammunition export controls to make it easier for American companies to export spare parts for aircraft and gas turbine engines, the White House said on Friday.

    "Rebuilding our export control lists and moving less sensitive items from the State to the Commerce list will provide us the flexibility to more efficiently equip and maintain our partner's capabilities while allowing us to focus on preventing potential adversaries from acquiring military items that they could use against us," the White House said on Friday.
    So it will lessen the expense of government regulations on products that are not horribly dangerous, while keeping controls on technology that is. it will allow US manufacturers to compete better in global markets which will increase revenue and add manufacturing jobs. It benefits the free market, it creates jobs, and there seems to be no losers. Not to mention congress will have time to override it meaning Obama is not a dictator for doing it. is there a downside to this?

    I have to admit i am wondering if reps are just going to quietly let this pass as it seems to fit all of their ideals, but it is also done by obama which means we may see another hypocritical opposition to it because they cannot allow him to do something good that might help. So will they silently let it pass, or are we about to see some really twisted logic from them, or even more amazing could we actually see bipartisan support for something that seems to benefit america in many ways?

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    Re: Obama pushes ahead with export control changes | Reuters

    So in your either/or scenario, it's a lose-lose whether the GOP speaks up or remains silent.

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