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It also applies to individuals. Remember, private sellers are forbidden from knowingly selling guns to those convicted of a felony.
True, but that's not an example of a state being compelled to enforce a fed law.

It's not punishment for breaking the law? What exactly is it then? A hug and cuddle?
No, it's not.

For citizens you are correct. For non-citizens? There is precident that the states are not allowed to keep people from traveling to and from the state, but that precident is only based on citizens. It says nothing about non-citizens.
Wrong. It applies to "people", not citizens.

What are the usual things that illegals are blamed for? Come on sangha, we've been having a wonderful debate here so far, lets not get bogged down in semantics and minutia. If you really want me to name a few then I will but lets try not to get bogged down ok?
You will have to be specific. For example "protecting their economy" could mean their ability to offer tax incentives to businesses that move into their state. That is something they are allowed to do.

But states are not allowed to prohibit people with a criminal record from travelling into their state