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Thread: Gay marriage Bill support urged by senior Conservatives

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    Gay marriage Bill support urged by senior Conservatives

    Today's the day the UK parliament takes the first step towards legalising gay marriage, and guess what?, it's a Conservative proposal.

    BBC News - Gay marriage Bill support urged by senior Conservatives

    The telling quote from that article is this: "(Conservative Prime Minister) David Cameron has said, we should support gay marriage not in spite of being Conservatives, but because we are Conservatives."

    This is fairly impressive to me as Cameron's party is divided on the matter with many on the more traditionalist and ideologically right-wing of the party believe that the move is both wrong in principle and damaging to their electoral prospects. The leadership believes however that this is a matter of principle and one that many conservatives find fundamentally compatible with their beliefs.

    The bill is going to pass.
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    Re: Gay marriage Bill support urged by senior Conservatives

    There is a big difference between people who are fiscally conservative and don't want to spend money keeping 2 consenting adults from getting married, and might even want to make some money on the marriages of gay people, and the fascist social conservatives who feel the government is there to enforce biblical law and get involved in the lovelife of consenting adults at whatever the expense and cost. It is unfortunate that real conservatives and fascists have been mixed for a time because the fascists thought they were conservatives, but I think it is about time many countries separate the religious right from the actual conservatives so real conservatives don't need to get everything the do screwed up by dicks who just want to arrest anyone having fun in any way.

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