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Thread: Dysfunctional relationship of Sandy Hook gunman and his mother Read more: http://www

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    Re: Dam Lanza - Aperger's Syndrome and "dysfunctional (my title)

    Quote Originally Posted by wolfman24 View Post
    Your defintion of a sociopath is incorrect. A sociopath is a person who cannot feel empathy for others. Not emotions. They have emotions but they are very constricted. What Terra meant was that the do not display emotions to those they do not know or are not comfortable with (Terra correct me if I am wrong).

    Also Aspie's have no real ability to read body languagre this is one or facial expressions this is one of thte hallmarks of the disorder poor social interpretation. The rest of this para is nonsense.

    MY son would scream if someoone ran over a cat. SOme of what you say is true but most is generalizations based on false information. I suggest you read Dr Attwoods books on ths subject.
    Ah... I guess im just all wrong then and have no idea what im talking about.... ignore me then.

    Sounds more like your son has full blown autism if he would scream over a cat.

    People with aspergers DEFINITELY notice body language. They just dont always take heed of it even if they do.
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